About Youth Basketball

Purpose of Tillsonburg Youth Basketball

The primary goal of Tillsonburg Youth Basketball is to keep kids active while having fun.  Children enrolled in the program will learn the basics in:

  • Body motion, 
  • Basketball skills and 
  • Basketball rules 

While enrolled each child will be provided a team shirt and appropriately sized basketball.


This program is fueled by hard work from volunteers in the Tillsonburg and area community.  The coordinators of the 2014 Tillsonburg Youth Basketball program are Danny Dube, Jesse Goossens, Lance Mackenzie and Michael Bossy.


We are always looking for additional volunteers to help coach.  We encourage parents to get involved by helping coach a team.  Our general approach is to have multiple coaches for each team to provide flexibility with regards to attendance.  Multiple coaches also helps when demonstrating basketball skills.  

If you are interest in becoming a volunteer we do require a police check to be in compliance with the Ontario Basketball Associations insurance policy.


For the 2014 year the program has been modified so all of the weekends occur between the thanksgiving holiday and the Christmas holiday.  Each age group will play for 1 hour and 15 minutes on Sunday afternoon.


Tillsonburg Youth Basketball is operated out of the Ananndale School Gym.

Age Groups

Grades 1-3 will start at 1:00 pm on Sunday afternoon and will play basketball for 1:15 hours

Grades 4-6 will start at 2:30 pm on Sunday afternoon and will play basketball for 1:15 hours


The registration cost for each child will be $80.


During a typical Sunday the following will occur

1. Arrive and shoot around

2. Warm up - each team's coach will lead dynamic stretching exercises teaching kids how to properly warm up before exercise

3. Skills Training - teaching children basic athletic maneuvers and basketball skills

4. Scrimmage - with the overall goal of having fun and keeping active the kids will learn the rules of basketball as well as how to work as a team.